Many organisations have to store documents in such a way as to make them easy to retrieve and secure. This may because of statutory regulation, such as the Freedom of Information Act, or professional requirements such as might apply to a law firm.
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A good DMS can take you a long way towards the goal of a paperless office, while enabling you to manage the information that your organisation needs to operate.

While a DMS can be a very simple thing – enabling you to store documents and emails at the click of a button – it can also support business processes and workflows and become an important part of how you do business. As with any software, when you’re considering your training approach, don’t just ask how difficult the thing is to use: also ask yourself about the risks involved if it is used wrongly.

DMS roll outs are often combined with upgrades or configurations to Microsoft Office, resulting in a change to the way your staff do things every time they turn on their computer. Is this an opportunity to provide wider skills training?