Beyond Training aims to go beyond traditional training models to create environments where people, process and technology combine to achieve our customers’ objectives. Our key markets are twofold – firstly, any company wishing to rollout out new software to their staff, and secondly, software implementers who are looking to add value to their proposition by providing training as an additional service.
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Two major factors face the IT training industry: firstly, a more educated workforce, who increasingly have used computers and other technology from an early age; secondly, while the functionality provided to us increases, the complexity of use decreases due to rapid improvements in the way we interact with it.

Beyond Training aims to respond to this change by providing new models of engagement that reflect the expectations of users, and to prove its value by moving away from a focus on how users interact with systems towards a focus on what can be achieved through better use of technology. Beyond Training aims to be a leader in this change by researching, creating and implementing new ways of engaging the workforce with technology.

The company’s strength lies in the knowledge and experience of its staff and associates, who have been working in the training industry for over 10 years and who have worked with a huge range of clients in many different roles covering the development, delivery, scoping, planning, managing and selling of training for business systems roll outs.

A wide business network provides access to skills, expertise and support, allowing us to provide a huge range of services to our clients.